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GBL (gamma-Butyrolactone)
99.9% GBL 500 ML            $ 145.00
99.9% GBL 1   Liter            $ 185.00
99.9% GBL 2   Liter              $ 275.00
99.9% GBL 3   Liter              $ 385.00
99.9% GBL 5   Liter              $ 525.00
99.9% GBL 10 Liter             $ 715.00
99.9% GBL 15 Liter             $ 895.00
99.9% GBL 20 Liter             $ 965.00
99.9% GBL 30 Liter             $ 1035.00
99.9% GBL 50 Liter             $ 1475.00
α-Acetyl -γ-Butyrrolactone
Testosterone series
Cas No. : 58-22-0
Testosterone enanthate
Cas No. : 315-37-7
Testosterone cypionate
Cas No. : 58-20-8
Testosterone propionate
Cas No. : 57-85-2
Testosterone phenylpropionate
Cas No. : 1255-49-8
Testosterone isocaproate
Cas No. : 15262-86-9
Testosterone decanoate
Cas No. : 5721-91-5
Testosterone undecanoate
Cas No. : 5949-44-0
Cas No. : 65-04-3
Oxymetholone (Anadrol)
Cas No. : 434-07-1
Oxandrolone (Anavar)
Cas No. : 53-39-4
Stanozolol (Winstrol)
Cas No. : 10418-03-8
Cas No. : 72-63-9

              " The cloud clouds, flying xiang. " On first contact with friends, we always introduce yourself. " The cloud " represents the lofty aspirations, " Xiang " represents a great hawk spreads its wings, " Yunxiang " is not only the name of the our corporation, more is our attitude. We believe that honesty, hard work will pay off.
" Ancient faith, common development. " ( Long term development for win-win. ) is our aim, Ji'nan Yunxiang Chemical Company Limited was established in 2003 from the right to import and export, An ISO9001 certified fine chemical developer, manufacturer and trader, we specialize in the manufactue of pharmachemical, agrochemical and related fine chemical intermediates. We are the largest γ-butyrrolactone and pyrrolidone analogues provider in China, with annual sales in access of RMB100 million.
has already experienced nearly ten years of groundless talk. But we believe, it is not far from our destination. We will as in the past with our sincerity impress clients, with our faith to win the trust of customers, and ultimately achieving a win-win situation with customers, and supplier win-win.
Our main products are:γ-butyrrolactone , N-methylpyrrolidone, α-pyrrolidone, α-acetyl-γ-butyrrolactone, acetamidine hydrochloride. We have advanced in-house facilities and complete quality management systems. Customers can depend on our strong technical capability in R&D and manufacturing to receive quality and consistency they expect from us, in affordable prices. And indeed our products have been well accepted by customers around the world and we have formed long-term partnership with some globally recognized enterprises.
For a long period, the company has gained widely trust and support from the customers based on the rich experience and great credit to provide excellent quality products and professional service for customers both at home and abroad. In the future, the company will stick to Long-term development depends on aggressive. Being convinced depends on genuineness management idea. It will work hard to enlarge the market competitive ability, create enterprise brand and develop to professional and scale direction and promote the development of the relative industry in China.
We aim at being a research based and competitive chemical supplier. We look forward to opportunities for business cooperation with you.
Dear Clients, welcome to the webshop of GBL yunxiang

We offer multiple cleaning products as well as 1 varities of pure 99,99% Gamma-Butyrolactone.

Pure GBLyunxiang contains 99,99% Gamma Butyrolactone - GBL, a safe non-toxic, water-soluble cleaner.

GBLyunxiang is designed to be used on cleaning chrome wheels, deletion printing inks and removing graffiti.
Newsflash, important for all customers
From now on :
A signed declaration with the final destination and end use is required for every order !
So we know which purpose U will use our product(s) for, to forcome any disabuse of our products.
Our customers must confirm and sign on the declaration below, confirming that they know that GBL can only be bought and used legally due to the new class C act if :
- They confirm that the GBL will NOT be used for human ingestion.
- They confirm that they are aware that permitting the use for human ingestion is a criminal offence.
- They confirm that they are aware that any details that are provided can be provided to the authorities in
This declaration has to be filled in and e-mailed together (in PDF or JPG) with every order, on help@ yunxiangchem.com .This declaration does not go to customs...! We only share customerinformation with your local authorities, if we suspect, or if we have reason to believe that our products are used otherwise than for cleaning purposes.
This product is not intended for human consumption. If swallowed seek immediate medical attention.
How can I see if my order is shipped and how can I trace it ?
Please read our F.A.Q for answers.

The United States, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Norway, Switzerland and Canada customers Also to ensure delivery




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